Jacques Kallis batting masterclass

Jacques Kallis, arguably cricket’s greatest all-rounder, gave Ian Ward an masterclass into his batting technique while also looking at the changes in the modern one-day game.

“My trigger movements were the most important thing for me,” according to Kallis. “I wanna be ready early – get back & across, as quickly as possible  with my head balance and very still, parallel to the ground and then just keep tracking the watch.

"In the advanced diversion you need to give yourself room to hit the ball. In Test cricket despite everything i'd need my position to be stopped, in light of the fact that you need to feel like you're more in charge. Be that as it may, the cutting edge path is to give yourself room and not to get yourself to the pitch of the ball since then you restrain yourself. A ball in the long time past days that used to be on that fourth stump line where folks would more often than not hit that down to mid-off, in light of the fact that they're getting their front leg off the beaten path now, can really hit that past point. It's something I'm chipping away at however it has been intense on the grounds that I've felt like I have been extremely open yet then I take a gander at the replays and I can in any case go more. It worked pleasantly for me at the Big Bash, so I'm arriving. It's not gigantic changes but rather little changes to remain up with the circumstances and stay aware of these new folks who are playing preposterous shots."