What's Its like to face pace | Batting Masterclass

Full breath. Affirmation time. I was frightened of quick playing. Or, then again to be more exact, I was terrified of being harmed by quick playing. I invested after quite a while stressing over it before matches. 

I am almost certain numerous other batsmen had comparable emotions, however I don't know what number of could ever need to let it out. That may, obviously, change now in the consequence of Phillip Hughes' demise, however it doesn't imply that the amusement needs to change. 

There is a well-known word in cricket: "Nobody enjoys quick knocking down some pins, it is only that some play it superior to others." I figure it should read: "Everybody is terrified of quick rocking the bowling alley, yet some stifle it and conceal it superior to others."

So What's Its like to face pace? Michel atherton, shaun pollock gives you batting masterclass, watch Above.